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'Please help. This historic church
needs your money.'


Our church is more than 800 years old.  It’s a historic example of Norman architecture which is still the centre of the community. People get baptised, married and buried here. Visitors remark on how unspoilt it is. But for that to continue we need to raise money to repair it.

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We need to raise about £60,000  to complete the repairs to north side of the roof. We have recently repaired the south side, and addressed the  mould and the rotting medieval pew platform. Heartfelt thanks to all who contributed.

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The residents of Stanley Pontlarge and the wider area proudly welcome and show St Michael's church off to visitors. The hamlet’s most notable residents, including Tom and Sonia Rolt, who did so much to re-energise the canals and steam railways in the UK, are buried here.


Visitors come to Stanley Pontlarge to visit the church, enjoy the walking and see ‘The Rolt House’, officially known as The Cottage.  St Michael’s is the oldest church in the parish of Winchcombe, which itself is an ancient Saxon borough.  The church dates back to about 1175.    Learn more about the church architecture here. 

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The western hamlets lay in the jurisdiction of Winchcome Abbey, and the eastern settlements were part of the estate of Ralph, the Earl of Hereford, whose descendants built Sudeley Castle. Much of the castle survives today, on the edge of the attractive Saxon market town of Winchcombe, in whose parish St Michael’s now lies.

Over the centuries, people have rallied round, raised the money and restored this tiny church in a Cotswolds farming hamlet. Now it’s our turn.

St Michael's needs your help.  Please donate whatever you can, however small, to The Friends of St Michael's by clicking the 'Donate' button below.  We really appreciate it. Thank you.

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